Michael Cuffe spent 8 years in the Hollywood film industry working for Paramount Studios, as well as other large scale production houses, specializing in feature film development on films such as Constantine, Speed Racer, and various large budget features. After that Cuffe moved into consulting Silicon Valley based .com’s on viral marketing campaigns, SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, creative ad and media campaigns, as well as film production ranging from commercials to extended length media pieces.

Michael Cuffe is currently the Editor In Chief of the contemporary arts documentation project Warholian, which focuses on new and emerging artists from around the world. When the documagazine was launched, there was no plan, no objective, just a passion to document the world of contemporary art, and the artists behind their work. Cuffe spent countless hours (and still does) driving from gallery to gallery, meeting artists in their studio, all in an effort to document, capture, and share what was happening in the contemporary art (and street art) scene. Soon others wanted to help and joined the team, hailing from New York, Los Angeles, Europe, and beyond.

A working photojournalist, Cuffe’s has photographed for a wide variety international news publications, but is best known for documenting artists within the contemporary and street art world.

Cuffe is also an accomplished visual artist working in a range of mediums from oils to sculpture. His fine art first gained notoriety when his painting “The Hopeful Hearts Club,” his take on The Beatles Sgt. Pepper Album spread worldwide grabbing the attention of mainstream news media. It received a special White House invitational viewing, has been published multiple times in both books and magazines, and was part of Shepard Fairey’s Manifest Hope gallery exhibitions. Cuffe’s work focuses on the interplay of color on a variety of subject matter.

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