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The most beautiful time-lapse footage you’ll ever see
July 21, 2017  by Michael Cuffe 

AWAKEN is a feature documentary film from director Tom Lowe exploring humanity's relationship with technology...

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Print Releases  The Sierras 
December 2, 2016  by Michael Cuffe 

“MOONRISE OVER THE ERSKINE FIRE occurred on June 23rd, 2016 and is one of the most destructive...

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Daily Journal  iPhone Photos 
Triangular UFO tailed by White Blinking UFO over Kernville / Lake Isabella, California
November 19, 2015  by Michael Cuffe 

I am an avid skywatcher as a photographer, and am always looking at the light, the stars, and have my head...

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Daily Journal  Photography  SLR Photos  The American Midwest  Travel 
The American Midwest: Winter Sunsets of Princeton/Peru, Illinois
September 2, 2015  by Michael Cuffe 

I visited The American Midwest during the winter of 2014.   During that time I wanted to capture the essence...

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Daily Journal  iPhone Photos  Photography  Time-Lapse 
Rain over the Lake
March 1, 2015  by Michael Cuffe 

On February 28th, 2015 the remants of a storm system continued to drop rain through the Kern River Valley....

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Daily Journal  iPhone Photos  The Sierras 
Rainstorms in the Sierras
February 28, 2015  by Michael Cuffe 

Today I took a short drive up the Kern River Valley and stopped off at the Cannel Trail which starts...

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Daily Journal  SLR Photos  The Sierras 
Horses in the Wild
February 27, 2015  by Michael Cuffe 

I’ve been hiking up a trail in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range lately that usually has two horses...

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Daily Journal  iPhone Photos  The Sierras 
Cannel Trail – Kern River Valley
February 27, 2015  by Michael Cuffe 

Lately I’ve been enjoying getting out and exploring the natural beauty of the Kern River Valley,...

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