Fine Artist – Street Artist

Drew Merritt

Drew Merritt aspires to earn the title of artist, and he works hard to convey a broad spectrum of feelings. Feelings like Loneliness, vanity, and even contentment. He paves a highway into the emotional world (visually) by creating empathy in the viewer. The use of vivid colors, and his almost graphic style, creates a visual biography around the subject, showing who they are, and where they’ve been. His ever-changing body of work utilizes a vast array of mediums and textures, while putting classic subjects in a contemporary setting.


"Portrait of Drew Merritt" photographed by Michael Cuffe

"Intensity: Drew Merritt" photographed by Michael Cuffe.

"Chasing the Dream" by artist Drew Merritt - 68"x90"in, oil on canvas

PAINTING: "The Suffering" by artist Drew Merritt - 48"x72"in, oil on canvas